🙂 who am i?

I am an experienced professional who specializes in data analysis and the development of reports. In my spare time I enjoy doing web development and data vizualization projects as a hobby.

I've spent a large chunk of my life in the DC area, but recently made a life change by relocating to New York City. Unfortunately I haven't been able to explore the city like I've wanted because of the COVID pandemic, however it has given me time to focus on what I enjoy as well as give me the opportunity to present myself and my work to the masses. I have also used this time to be an active member within the Tableau #datafam community. Just recently I was recognized as a Featured Author by Tableau Public in 2020.

Coming Soon!

Coming soon is my newly created blog Everyday Outliers. The new blog will be focused on developing visualizations using Tableau. I don't think of myself as a writer but it's time to take things to the next level in order to be of better service to the Tableau community.